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Devil Cross 21 Themeless 10

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses in support of Neville Fogarty, one of my Indie 500 tournament brethren and puzzlemaker extraordinaire. He decided to wind down his blog in order to focus on his grad school commitments — something that I struggle to do even as I publish new puzzles on a fortnightly basis rather than a weekly basis.

As Neville said, running one’s own puzzle blog takes a lot of hard work and independent constructors can use all of the support they can get to create a viable alternative to Big Crossword. So with that, here’s a reminder that I’m still running my month-long tip jar drive. Donors will receive two 21×21 bonus puzzles: one themeless, one variety Something Different puzzle. You can donate by clicking on this PayPal button below:


For those who have already spread the word about Devil Cross and/or donated money, thanks a million. It means a lot to me.

Enjoy today’s puzzle, a 68-word themeless. As for when the next one runs — I’m toying with the idea of running a meta this Friday, one day before my next New York Times puzzle comes out on October 18, but I’m not sure if I’ll do that yet. You can follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook to get the instant update on that. Either way, there will definitely be a new Devil Cross puzzle on October 25.