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Update, 10/6/15 @ 1:15 pm ET: My original difficulty rating for this puzzle was Spicy. Based on some Twitter chats with several other solvers who said this was quite the toughie, I’ve decided to change this puzzle’s rating to Super-Spicy. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy the taste no matter what the Scoville scale says!

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Short post today since I’m gonna be racing to Escape the Room later on. Gotta get focused! There’s another Sunday-size puzzle on the horizon. This one’s gonna be trickier. I don’t know exactly how tricky. I would recommend reading the puzzle Note, but if you want the extra challenge, ignore it at your own peril!

Enjoy the puzzle. There will be a new one on October 10.

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(Photo credit: B. Wrenn)

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday, and what did I get as a present? The Apopecalypse! There are seriously National Guard members patrolling every couple of blocks here in Philadelphia while Francis makes his big entrance into town. In fact, this photo above more-or-less accurately depicts what the city looks like right now. Parking is going to be a big problem this weekend, so I made a puzzle about it. It’s another Sunday-sized one — a good way to spend your day while the Pope and his army of pterodactyls have us all on lockdown.

In other news, I’ll be subbing tomorrow on Rex Parker‘s blog. Should be a fun time.

Finally, a programming note: from now on I will be publishing Devil Cross puzzles on Saturdays at 12 pm ET. That seems to be a more likely time for me to finally hit publish than earlier in the morning. And yes, I realize this went up a bit later than 12 pm today — my PUZ file wasn’t working for a little while. FRANCIS!!! (*shakes fist*) Anyway, I’ll make that my new regular schedule and update you as necessary.

Enjoy the puzzle. There will be a new one on October 3.

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