When do new Devil Cross puzzles come out?

Every Saturday at 12 pm ET. Occasionally I’ll need some extra time. If that happens, I’ll let you know.

What are they like? How tough are they?

Devil Cross puzzles range in difficulty from mild (easy) to super-spicy (very hard). Like all crosswords, they’re meant to be fun and challenging. These puzzles, however, don’t hesitate to throw in references to things you might not see in a traditional newspaper crossword like video games and pop culture and contemporary slang. Fair warning: the puzzles also don’t mind using the occasional PG-13 or R-rated words that you wouldn’t use around your grandmother, so check with your grandmother first if it’s okay for you to solve them. Or don’t. Whatever. Or better yet, get your grandmother to solve them too!

How can I solve the puzzles?

In three different ways:

1) Download the puzzles for solving on Across Lite or Crossword Solver. They’re free programs and work on both Windows and Mac.
2) Download the puzzles as PDF files and print them out for solving on paper.
3) Click on the “Continue Reading” button on any puzzle post and you’ll find a convenient puzzle-solving applet.

May I share Devil Cross puzzles with my friends/family?

Please do! That’s why they’re free.

I’m a puzzle constructor. May I submit puzzles to Devil Cross?

Yes, Devil Cross accepts submissions. Please send your completed puzzle in .PUZ format to the e-mail address listed at the bottom of this page. Constructors should expect a response within one week.

Which other independent puzzles do you recommend?

Check out the Cross Links menu in the sidebar. Each of the puzzles there gets my seal of approval. Be aware that some require subscriptions.

I have another question not addressed here.

Please contact me at devilcrosswords@gmail.com.