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Devil Cross 55 From A to Z

Update, 7/18/15 @ 9:25 am ET: Here is the solution to the From A to Z puzzle.

Why have one puzzle when you can have two? I wrote this week’s guest puzzle for Matt Gaffney’s Weekly Crossword Contest, and I’m doubling your fun (torture?) with a variety From A to Z puzzle. If you haven’t done one of these before, the instructions are provided in the PDF and in the Notepad in the PUZ file. Oh, and you’ll notice I gave you a PUZ! That’s right, you have an electronic option for solving this, although it may seem a bit strange since it still has the Across and Down headings — you should ignore those since they’re useless in this kind of puzzle. I’d recommend using the PDF if only for ease of solving, but you have both options.

Anyway, huge thanks to Matt for running my meta. The solution to today’s puzzle is linked above.

Enjoy the puzzle, and good luck on the MGWCC — the deadline for submitting your answer to that is Tuesday, July 21 at 12 pm ET. There will be a new Devil Cross puzzle on July 25.