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Devil Cross 53 In the Name of the Father

Happy Fireworks Day! Sorry for the slightly late posting — my Florida vacation combined with typesetting for this unusual 24×15 puzzle made for a deadly combo this morning.

Anyway, today’s puzzle is a meta contest! And it’s meant to be an easy one. Find the hidden answer, send it in by the deadline below. Because America, that’s why.

In other news, Chris King has an entertaining recap of the Indie 500 Crossword Tourrnament here, so check it out. (Note: it contains spoilers, obviously).

The answer to this contest puzzle is one of America’s Founding Fathers. Please submit your answer to me ( by 8 pm ET on Friday, July 10. Only one answer per entrant, please — so make sure you’ve got it right before hitting “Send.” One random winner will get somethin’ nice from yours truly. Maybe a puzzle book, or maybe a small souvenir from my vacation. I dunno. We’ll figure it out.

Enjoy today’s puzzle. There will be a new one on July 11.