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Written on Jun, 27, 2015 by in | Comments Off on No puzzle today

Hey friends,

I’m on vacation down in Florida for the next eight days, so I’m taking this week off. But, there will definitely be a new Devil Cross puzzle next week at the normal time and (heads-up) it’s going to be a meta contest, so be sure and tune in.

In the meantime, feel free to make yourself at home. Oh, and here are two interesting things:

1) Todd McClary has posted his own mini-reviews of the six Indie 500 tournament puzzles. They contain spoilers, so be warned about that before reading ’em.

2) We released hints and solutions to the Indie 500 meta suite, a.k.a. the Meta World Prix, via email just the other day. So if you haven’t gotten around to ordering yourself a copy, you can now get some extra help on finishing them if you need it.

That’s all for now. Till next week!

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Written on Jun, 20, 2015 by in | 6 Comments.

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First, sort-of-a-very-tiny-spoiler alert: I wrote today’s puzzle for the person who’s most responsible for making me like crosswords, and it’s sort of a companion piece to a recent one. I think it’s more “Mildium” in difficulty rather than simply Mild, but whaddya gonna do? (Answer: come up with a new spice rating called “Mildium” sometime. Or do nothing and be lazy about it. I choose answer B!)

Second, Lollapuzzoola 8 (a.k.a. LPZ 8, a.k.a. Lollapuzzocho) is coming up on August 8. That’s a Saturday in August, and I plan to be there. The Indie 500 Crossword Tournament owes much of its inspiration to LPZ, so if you have an inkling of going, do yourself a solid and go.

Finally, quick programming note: I’m going on vacation for about nine days beginning on June 26, so there will be no Devil Cross puzzle next week. I’m planning on posting a new puzzle the following weekend (yes, while I’m still on vacation), but I can’t guarantee it. I’ll post updates as necessary.

Enjoy today’s puzzle, and I’ll see you (hopefully?) in two weeks.

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