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If you’ve been on Facebook and Twitter at all over the last couple of days, you’ve probably filled your quota for ridiculous viral memes until at least 2018. Another constructor suggested that somebody should make a Schrödinger puzzle (a crossword with more than one correct solution) to commemorate the now-infamous “what color is this dress” photo, where the entry BLACK AND BLUE can morph into WHITE AND GOLD as long as the crossings on the terminal words can be made ambiguous enough to accommodate both possibilities. I’ll admit I was tempted to try it during the 11th hour, but Schrödinger grids are tough to pull off cleanly, and to do it on a highly topical subject on very short notice made it a non-starter for me. So consider it a challenge for other indie constructors out there.

Instead, I’m going with a theme idea I’ve had on the shelf for a little while but didn’t flesh out until now, with a larger-than-normal 17×17 grid. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t exactly plan for the similar combos at 1-/2-Down and 80-/83-Across, but it worked out that way and I’m sticking with it.

In other puzzle news, there’s a crossword tournament coming up one weekend from now in Ithaca, New York, and the proceeds go to Tompkins Learning Partners, a non-profit organization that provides literacy tutoring. I likely won’t be able to make it out there, but it does sound like a fun time. However, there is some exciting Indie 500 Crossword Tournament news on the horizon and it should drop pretty soon. Stay tuned….

Enjoy the puzzle. There will be a new one on March 7.