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Written on Nov, 22, 2014 by in | 3 Comments.

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(Source: @JeremyRudd3)

Semi-spoiler alert approaching about today’s puzzle! You’ve been warned.

I just wanna make something real clear: this puzzle was not, not, NOT inspired by the infamous photo of Kim Kardashian’s ass, a parody of which is above (with more funny ones here and here). I made this grid well before said ass went viral, but I couldn’t find a home for it. So here it is.

In unrelated news, the Indie 500 Crossword Puzzle Tournament is looking for a sixth indie puzzle constructor! We’re seeking someone who’s reasonably “indie” — the basic limit is that you can’t have had more than 10 total puzzles published in various mainstream outlets like the New York Times, the LA Times, CrosSynergy, and others. Basically, we want to give someone who’s relatively new to the crossword business a spotlight to showcase their talents. The winner gets $500 and the opportunity to see your puzzle being solved by a lot of people in real time! Sounds good to me. Head on over to that link above and click on “SUBMIT” for more info.

Enjoy today’s puzzle, and happy Thanksgiving. There will be a new puzzle on December 6.

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Written on Nov, 08, 2014 by in | 9 Comments.

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Three unrelated things: first, I think it was just yesterday that Brendan Emmett Quigley posted what looked like a bizarre, inside joke on Facebook (“Too many cooks, indeed” or something like that). I didn’t even bother to look up what he meant. But then just as I picked my wife up from work yesterday evening, she immediately said, “Have you seen the ‘Too Many Cooks’ video?” Apparently the whole world was raving about it and I knew nothing, but then my friend Ron showed it to me. And It. Is. Glorious.

Second, one reason that this puzzle is coming in a bit late was that I excised the answer SURE TO WIN from the grid just last night and refilled maybe 25% of it. The phrase Googles reasonably well enough, and I even had a decent clue for it [Like a lock, say]. You could probably have gotten it on crosses. But after staring at it for a long while, it just sounded too arbitrary to my ear. I think I made the right call, though if anyone wants to defend it, feel free. I’ll probably be tempted to have answers like SURE TO GO or SURE TO PUNCH. You can’t stop me from using them in my puzzles. But hopefully I can.

Finally, will the Devil Cross solver named Chris Cain please e-mail me? Much thanks.

Enjoy this puzzle, a slightly expanded 16×15 grid for slightly expanded fun. There will be a new one on November 22.

Update, 11/8/14 @ 7:30 pm ET: There’s some new info about the Indie 500 Crossword Puzzle Tournament that may be of interest to you new, indie puzzle constructors out there. We’re looking for a 6th constructor, and that could be you. Go to the site here and click on “Submit” to get the details.

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