Update, 10/26/14 @ 1 pm: It’s almost ready, just bear with me a few minutes longer…..

Friends, I’m sorry, but I’m pushing back publication of the next Devil Cross puzzle by one day. Three things are holding me up:

1) The clues are not finished yet, and this grid took me longer than normal to build.

2) A fuse blew out at my apartment on Thursday night and took with it the working power to my outlets. And wouldn’t you know it, maintenance still hasn’t fixed it yet. YAY! Hence no internet access on a computer for now. So I’m posting this message on my smartphone, which, at three years of age, is probably due to blow out its final fuse too.

3) My choir, the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, has been rehearsing a lot lately for our Big Sing concert on Sunday. What’s a Big Sing, you ask? It’s where the singers sit in the audience, and anyone in the audience can sing the music with us if they have the score and want to join in. We’re doing some chorales by both J.S. Bach and Mendelssohn, including a selection of Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion. It’s concert week, which means less constructing time for your friendly neighborhood Devil Crosser. But if you’re in the Philadelphia area on Sunday afternoon and want to check us out, hop on over to that link above. Tickets are $28 for general audience, $15 if you’re a student. Not cheap, I know, but I can get you a 15% discount on tickets if you type in my last name in the promo code box — though I don’t know if that discount applies for students. Still, if you go, come say hi to me. That’s an order.

So, while it’s hard for me to put an exact time on when the puzzle will go up, I’d say check back on Sunday, October 26 around 1 pm ET. It should hopefully be ready by then.

Thanks for your understanding.