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(Photo credit: The Brothers Chaps)

Time for a meta contest! You know the drill. Solve the grid, find the hidden meta, send it in. I’m aiming this meta to be tougher than the last two metas I threw at you, but I’m hoping it gives you far less trouble than it caused me in building it. If only I were someone who knew how to actually spell correctly the words I want you to solve. That would be awesome.

A couple other things of note in the crosswording universe:

1) Meta master Matt Gaffney is running his annual tip jar. It runs until this Saturday at midnight ET, so show him some love in PayPal form.

2) Pete Muller has his monthly music meta out today. The last one completely stymied me. We’ll see how I do here.

3) Lollapuzzoola 7 is upon you! Sign up now and come say hi to me. Or if the trip to New York City isn’t doable, you can always get the at-home version for $10.

4) I’ll be pinch-hitting for Rex Parker on tomorrow’s and Thursday’s New York Times puzzles. I’ll be sure to talk at length about such fascinating topics as the OGEE.

The answer to this contest puzzle is a video game console. Please submit your answer to me ( by 6 pm ET on Tuesday, August 12. Only one answer per entrant, please — so make sure you’ve got it right before hitting “Send.” One randomly selected winner will receive a Devil Cross t-shirt.

Enjoy! There will be a new Devil Cross puzzle on August 16.

p.s. Happy birthday, Momma!