Update, 8/5/14, 7:20 a.m. ET: Puzzle #16 will go up later this afternoon, probably between 4 or 5 pm. Thanks for your patience.

Hey all,

My dearest apologies, but I’m postponing Puzzle #16 for a few days (FYI: it’s a contest puzzle). I ran into a buzz saw of a problem yesterday. I had my puzzle all ready to go, clues and everything, and just as I was getting ready to post it, I noticed that one of my marquee entries had a spelling error. I’ve found that I cannot fix it without ripping out at least half the grid, and that will take some extra time. The best part of it all? I built the initial draft of it two months ago. Two months went by with occasional tinkering here and there and I never saw the mistake until just before game time.

While delays in publication suck, it’s a much better problem to have than posting a puzzle on time that’s straight-up wrong. I’ll do my best to have it fixed and ready by this Tuesday. I don’t know exactly what time it will be up, but I’ll make sure to announce it on both Facebook and Twitter, so if you want the instant update, be sure and hit Like on the Devil Cross Facebook page or follow me on the Twitterverse.

On another note: I’ve found out that I will be at Lollapuzzoola 7 next weekend in New York City! So maybe I’ll see you there, eh?