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Happy ‘Murica Time, y’all. I just came back from a week-long stay in Chicago, replete with good times with family ‘n friends, viewings of movies both sweet and terrible, and trips down memory lane. You see that poem above? I discovered that while cleaning out my old bedroom in my parents’ house. I wrote that gem sometime around 1990 when I was seven years old. I’ve now since brought that poem plus a binder of other spectacular first- and second-grade-A materials back with me to Philadelphia. You should see the drawings I made when we were doing a unit on Greek mythology — let’s just say that Odysseus never rocked a mohawk so hard.

Enjoy today’s easy offering. There will be a new puzzle on July 19.

And a happy birthday to Patrick Blindauer, indie puzzledude and Lollapuzzoola host extraordinaire!