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Devil Cross 13 Napoleon Dynamite Dance

I’ve been on a real variety puzzle kick lately. I recently built a Something Different puzzle (published here last week), a Split Decisions, a Flower Power, a From A To Z, and a Some Assembly Required. I’m not really sure what inspired me to try them all, though I have been lucky enough to get some acceptances to Will Shortz Presents WordPlay. That Some Assembly Required puzzle was a bastard to create — about four days in the making, so I probably won’t be doing that again any time soon. Today’s puzzle is normal — well, normal in the sense that it’s a regular themeless, though I decided to go pretty tricky with my cluing.

Oh, and if you can spare a dime, chip in some money to support both Peter Gordon‘s upcoming Fireball Newsflash Crosswords and Brendan Emmett Quigley‘s website (he’s running a funding drive at the moment). Two great and well-deserving puzzlemakers, if’n you ask me.

Enjoy the puzzle. There will be a new one on July 5.