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(Photo credit: John McKeon)

A bit of a flurry of puzzles on my end, much to my pleasant surprise. I wrote today’s New York Times crossword — you can see my notes of it here. I also wrote this week’s Fireball Crossword, a contest puzzle (deadline of 6 pm ET on Sunday, April 27) which I’m told is kinda sorta tricky. And then there’s today’s offering on this site. It’s one of my more experimental themelesses, in that I jammed in several grid-spanning answers and I rolled the dice on at least one of them being a common phrase. I have a feeling this will play either somewhat easy or very tough, depending on your knowledge of certain subjects (I know, said every crossword puzzle writer ever), so I’m splitting the difference and calling it “Spicy.”

But anyhow, I hope you enjoy all three of my puzzles. There will be a new one on Devil Cross on May 10.

Oh, and if you’d like to check out a new project by Fireball editor Peter Gordon, take a look at his Kickstarter page for the Fireball Fortnightly News Crossword.