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Welcome to Devil Cross! This is my new indie crossword website, where I’ll be publishing a new puzzle every two weeks on Saturdays.

These crosswords are designed to be fun and edgy, with some clues and answers you’re not likely to find in a traditional newspaper puzzle. I hope you like them, as well as the website’s design. (I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Needs more fire.” I clearly don’t have enough of that.)

I approach this project of mine with both excitement and trepidation. I’ve long been in awe of other indie puzzlemakers who create hip, modern alternatives to mainstream crosswords — you can and should check out their work which I’ve linked to in the sidebar. Basically, I wanted to join their ranks. I’m not worried about whether I can make good puzzles — I know I can do that. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to keep pace with the demands of the puzzlemaking schedule I’ve set for myself. It may be tough enough just keeping to a new-puzzle-every-two-weeks schedule, while many other puzzlemakers can do it every single week.

But in truth, I just found that I love making puzzles too much not to give it a shot. I don’t know where this ship will go, but I’m looking forward to the journey.

Alright, enough chat. The inaugural Devil Cross puzzle is a 70-word themeless. You can solve it by clicking on the PUZ or PDF buttons above, or if you click on “Continue Reading,” you’ll find a convenient puzzle-solving applet. If I had to pick a title for this puzzle, it would be either the answer or clue to 38-Across.


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